What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method has been around for years but until recently has been a relatively misunderstood pursuit. Its prominence as a lifestyle enhancer is increasing as it has become the preferred exercise routine for many professional athletes, actors, businessman and other high profile personalities all of whom understand the importance of alignment and the development of core muscles to maintain proper posture, poise and performance.

Pilates is not just for women! Joseph Pilates was a cigar smoking, boxer, acrobat, & gymnast who first developed his programme for men. So if years of working at a desk have wrecked havoc on your posture and presentation or if your Tennis, Squash or Golf game could use a boost then why not improve your performance with a Pilates exercise regime? Regardless of your age or current fitness level you will develop greater body awareness, tone and core strength to ensure that you feel and look better. As well as developing killer abs I can promise you will have some fun! As Joseph Pilates said you are only as old as your spine!